If you take notice of companies or people selling faked LORENZ products please give us a hint.

LORENZ Detecting Systems
GmbH & Co. KG
Röpkestr. 12
30173 Hannover / Germany
Phone: +49 - (0)511 - 5 51 06 70
Fax: +49 - (0)511 - 5 51 06 71
Email: mail@metaldetectors.de

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Faked LORENZ detectors are currently available on the market! Please beware of faked LORENZ detector models with very similar names and design features. To avoid any fraud please do only refer to the following dealers selling our products for many years:
Austria Nuggets Ortungstechnik + Security e.U, www.nuggets.at
Viennadetectors e.U. Robert Mann, www.viennadetectors.at
Belgium Inventum Detector, www.inventumdetector.be
Bolivia DadcoTechnology Bolivia, www.dadcotechnology.com.bo
Brasil Brasil Detectores, www.brasildetectores.com.br
Bulgaria Hydroloc Ltd, www.hydroloc.com
Omega-Rositsa Dimitrova ET, www.metaldetecting-lorenz.com
Chile DadcoTechnology Chile, www.dadcotechnology.cl
China Hefei DaWan HuiCheng Electronics and Technology Co., Ltd.,
Czech Republic XONEL s.r.o., M. Kratochvil, www.detektorykovu.cz
Ecuador DadcoTechnology Ecuador, www.dadcotechnology.com.ec
France King Détection, www.king-detection.fr
Germany Detector Scout Matthias W. Röher, www.detectorscout.de
Detector Center Germany, M. Meier, www.detectorcenter.de
Greece AFOI Kyritsis E. KI. OE, Gold Detectors international, www.anixneytes-kyritsis.gr
Hungary Metector Kft., Roland Edgar Huber, www.metector.hu
Israel Gan Erez Metal Detectors, Mr. Gan Erez, www.ganerez.com
Kuwait Al Bayati Detectors, www.albayatidetectors.com
Latvia Trade Smart Research Ltd., www.metal-detectors.lv
Mexico Master Detector, www.masterdetector.com
Netherlands Detection Systems Holland, www.metaaldetectors.nl
Poland R. Kmiec, www.gprsystem.pl
Peru DadcoTechnology Peru, www.dadcotechnology.pe
Spain Eurodetection S.L., www.eurodetection.com
Mundodetector, www.mundodetector.com
Swiss Tempel Handels-GmbH, www.detektor-suche.ch
Turkey AS detector, www.asdedektor.com
Ukraine R. Kmiec - MD FORTUNA - Metal Detectors Poland, www.metalloiskateli.com.ua
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Gold Rush Scientific Equipment's Trading LLC, Dubai, www.gold-rush.ae
LD Detector, Dubai, www.ldgolddetector.com
YAZDANPANAH TRADING LLC., Dubai, www.lorenzz1.com
Albayati General Trading LLC., Dubai, www.detectordubai.com
United States of America (USA) KELLYCO Detectors, www.kellycodetectors.com
Stores in Tennessee and Florida.


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