DEEPMAX Z1 Firmware Updates

Newest Firmware Version for DEEPMAX Z1 V107 improvements:
  • Improvements in back up of data logger data during shutdown on low battery.
  • New GND 5 function in conjunction with DD coils with better detection facility of small metal objects in close proximity of the coil.
  • Better high mineral Ground elimination performance in GND1, GND2 and GND3 search modes.


Download first and read carefully

Update Manual for Z1 (PDF-File)


Update Software and Firmwarefile (ZIP-File)




DEEPMAX Z1 Data Logger (Scripter) Software

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series Data Logger (Scripter) Software Lorenz announces the release of the new Lorenz Scripter software, delivering significant performance enhancements for use with scientific Surfer visualization solutions.
Lorenz introduced a new way to adjust sensitivity in conjunction with noise level ratio determination, enabling the Lorenz data logger users to get more precise information of what is in the ground.

Please also refer to the new Installation instructions "LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series Data Logger Software Installation Manual" available on our Service-Website.

The following Zip-file includes the new Scripter Software a demo field AND the installation instructions. In addition a computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10 will be highly recommended and a LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 Data Logger Hardware/ Software kit with Surfer 12 or higher versions will be necessary to generate colour maps. For customers with older Surfer versions, demo versions or updates will be available directly at Golden Software.


Download scripter installation data with manual (ZIP-File)




DEEPMAX X5 & X6 Series Firmware Updates

Latest Version for DEEPMAX X5 & X6 Firmware V1210 improvements:
  • Bugfix in Datalogger section


Download "" here (<50KB)


To install new firmware for DEEPMAX X5 & X6 proceed as follows:

  • Download the new firmware as compressed ZIP-file from our website, unzip and copy the "" file (don't rename) to a supplied USB-stick
  • Connect the USB-stick with the DEEPMAX X5 or X6 detector,
    with X6 models use the additional GPS/ USB module
  • Connect the battery to the DEEPMAX X5/6 and make sure that the detector is ON
  • Watch the USB icon flashing slowly and wait for approximately 5 minutes
    until the display with all the icons comes on
  • Turn OFF the unit with the power button
  • Please note: Disconnect the USB-stick and delete or format the same with FAT with a computer afterwards !!!
  • The DEEPMAX is now ready for use and can be turned on and off


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